eHR – Electronic Health Record

The California based Sutter Health medical network retains some 48,000+ employees. Their Communications Department housed in downtown San Francisco disseminates information to that group.

Sutter was on the cusp of implementing and developing a new workflow system, an electronic health record, EHR for its patients. Priority number one is training their physicians and support staff, so that on ‘go-live’ date everyone is up to speed and the development of their tool fits their varied needs. It pretty much involves anyone that even slightly interacts with a patient.

My role is to make sure the messages come through loud and clear. As anyone who has been involved in large scale launches can attest, communication that breaks through the daily noise is a big hurdle. To cut through the chatter employees are notified of training dates via numerous “channels”: prominent posters, emails, electronic displays, included in powerpoint presentations, and newsletters.

MS Word, where layout logic goes to die, but its loaded on everyone's PC.

If you ever have to design a layout for a Microsoft Template, I feel your pain.

Single page 8.5 x 11 flyers were also used. I added some catchy text referencing the Simpsons to really grab some attention. Hey humor is memorable. We didn’t want everyone signing up for these VERY remedial classes, because if you sit through training that you don’t need, pretty soon you stop going. At the same time, even entry level services staff may need to access the patient record, and they may not have any computer competency.
Flyer 8_5x11 Computer Basics

Doh, Where is the “Any” Key?!
Finally here’s a sample of one of the electronic displays. We were concerned that if the style looks too similar to the Sutter Health marketing brand, our internal audience would get complacent. The “playground” is a safe area for physicians and staff to get a hands on feel for the tools. This use of color and 3D breaks from the noise and looks quite classy.


Want to see more of my work for the EHR and the medical industry read this post.

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