SF: Best Place on Earth.

Mediavest tapped our promotional services when they wanted to encourage their national sales clients to advertise in the San Francisco. Personally, I think its a pretty easy sell, this place is awesome.

At three minutes long, this was one of our longer promos. I knew our senior editor was itching to use his Autodesk Smoke editing skills and its 3d lighting and layering capabilities, so I provided the elements as layered photoshop files organized by section in highest resolution. Then I also provided jpegs, so he had my exact overall vision.

As any compositor will tell you, after effects and final cut pro were just not made for this length or complexity of project. Once Rick was showed me he could match the transition movement, I was able to focus on providing the animated movie background, the 3D quicktime movie files and mockups. This is not the way I usually like to work, but we had a time crunch, and I knew working this way we could turn this project around fast.

As is typical in a production being sold through another entity, we wouldn’t get script approval until everyone’s lawyers chipped in their two cents. Having all the pieces on the Autodesk Smoke edit time line allowed Rick full control to time everything with extra padding, then once the audio track came in, a few slip edits and trims and the piece was ready to air.

Better yet it allowed me the time to take in another Bay Area Sand and Snow Weekend.

(Footage of America’s Cup provided by some of my sailing friends, pays to have cool hobbies!)

The Bay Area Rules.

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