Photoshop Scripts and Templated Graphics

Using Sublime Text to create Photoshop Scripts

I’ve always been a fan of getting things done fast. It allows you to experiment more. And back in the lab,┬áI’ve been trying to figure out how to write Photoshop scripts because combining Javascript and Photoshop is pretty geeked out fun. Designers over at Instagram use a script that will populate their template mockups with current imagery. You make a separate box on a separate layer, and the script does all the grunt work grabbing an image, scaling and positioning. I thought yeah, that would be a good starting place…

That script is pushing my Javascripting skills.

But that concept is what I want to recreate for some of my clients that do a lot of social media graphics. I have created a series of files for them that use smart layers, to show how a finished graphic will look hosted on a website, on facebook, linked in, displayed on a phone… you get the idea same graphic, multiple platforms. But now I want to take it up a notch. Create a script and combine that with a design that works well without much needed manipulation. Then be able to sell that to a client so that they can get their messages out even easier. Let them concentrate more on quality content.

In the meantime, if you need templated graphics for yourself. Hit me up.FI_CustomTemplates

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