Free CD Template PSD for the romantics out there

Somedays being a graphic designer is just plain awesome. Case in point, my sweetie had a birthday, one whose number shall not be mentioned. She wanted to make a mix cd for a party, and why not party favors as well. The girl loves music (and spreadsheets), so she compiled her favorites of each decade. I decided what a great gift idea it would be to make some artwork for her CDs, and devised a DVD/CD template psd file. You can find that Free CD Template PSD here.Imagery created by Free CD Template Download PSD

You ever see the meme “Evolution of a Hipster“? It’s pretty clever, and for my purposes I ask you, “What represents time better than evolution?” With just a few days before her party, I pick up on that vibe, and the more I work on it, the better it looks. When I send her a little mockup, she texts back…

“WOW!! Sitting on the floor in Office Depot in front of the pen selection, smiling, totally captivated. Wow!!!”

How happy was I? Well, I mean that’s two wow’s in there, and I want everyone to experience that feeling.

Okay I may not be able to guarantee total captivation in the pen isle, but I can provide you with my graphic designed cd jewel case / sleve template that made it all possible. The cool thing is that it fits on the standard 8.5 x 11. So you work up your photoshop magic, couple of cuts and folds, a little white glue and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive, handy little sleeve. Great for your homemade DVD capturing all those moments you took on your iphone. The point is it’s super easy to customize, and no need to buy those plastic jewel cases. Go forth my friends, and be the super sweet boyfriend the world wants you to be.

The party was a blast and everyone loved grabbing a decade of their choice. It was a memorable little keepsake.

Grab your free cd template psd file here.

Grab the Free CD Sleve Template PSD Download here. You may not win best boyfriend award, I’m up for contention again this year, but if you put a smile on your sweetie’s face, then my work here is done. If you feel really gracious, might I recommend helping my next campaign. (Yep, I’m really raising the bar for Boyfriend of the Year, sorry fellas.)

CD DVD Sleeve from Free CD Template PSD Download

PS. If you’re looking to create a cool little mix tape, but you’re not a photoshop wielding graphic artist. Hit me up.

PPS. I took a photo of her on one of our hiking adventures just the other day, it pretty much looked like the profile shot of her circa 2yrs. old. We totally cracked ourselves up at that.

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