Sweeping Success: Giants World Series Champions

“Eric, We just secured a multi-million dollar client deal and need an entire show package designed, and ready to air live in three days. Is that possible?”

“Sure thing.”


Considering the super tight turn around and limited access to rights protected footage, I really liked this piece. Great color palette. Lots of angles, and who doesn’t get excited working with the Giants?

As soon as the San Francisco Giants proved their mettle winning the Championship, our KTVU’s In-House Sales team did likewise. My friends on the second floor secured automotive giant Toyota as a title sponsor. I worked late thru the night to create an entire graphics package in a turn around time of about 2 days, just in time for the celebratory parade. (Might be cruel to say, but if they’d lost, we would not be producing a show…)

Render Farm to the Rescue.

So that meant working efficiently, I needed some raw materials and wanted to use some 3D. I had our macs identical, so I set up the Cinema 4d project file with multiple cameras on my Mac station, and rendered the different angles on three machines. While that was going, I phoned editing to send me any good shots we could use, and only then went to my show producers for the most important question, “So what’s the show about?” After all I needed to find out what graphics would be needed inside the show. I already had my macs rendering (I’m all for multitasking). With C4d rendering targa sequences I was able to grab a render and use that to mockup fullscreens in photoshop, I was able to load finished elements into our Dekos before the files were even finished rendering.

The day of the parade, I briefed my team, showing a few templates and some mockups using my inhouse website so that everyone would be able to keep the look consistent.

Recap: Adobe Illustrator and Cinema 4-d for the background, worked up roughs and elements in photoshop, then composited in after effects with some blur, layering modes, and added a little atmosphere. A quick edit with audio, and imported it into the deko. Tested exactly twice, then on-air for thousands to view.

I love broadcast.


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