Designing for the new workplace.

You can download the mockup pdf here. Contact me if you need something similar for your organization.

Continuing to work with the 4-person Sutter Electronic Health Record (EHR) Team, has been really fun, and I’m surprised to have learned such a mixed bag of new tricks.

What was going to be a simple short term print and presentation project, evolved into a full time marketing and internal comms role. I’ve developed Mobile Optimized files, multi-lingual translation (Russian, Chinese and Tagalog), CSS coding, help strategize email campaign using MyEmma, and even one-on-one interviews of our front line Nurses for Usability feedback studying.

What if we had a Mobile Phone App?

We were pinning down some of the final items we needed to create with a handful of physicians trying to develop an effective communication plan for the EHR. Briefly, the EHR system is designed to be a fail safe checklist as well as a singular patient record. Instead of each doc or nurse having their own “charts” and notes for each patient, they’d all be in one digital file. Sounds simple until you think about any “simple” checklist.
Imagine about how complex any medical process is, multiply that by the various specialties there are in the medical world. Clearly just navigating to find the right checklist was going to be a chore. One of the physicians piped up, “What if we had a mobile phone app, where a specialist could just look up their unique instructions?”

This was about two point five weeks from launch date.

My cohort and friend Steve, Mr. Cool as always, looked at me with his typical sense of calm. Behind which of course was a maelstrom of deadline induced panic and anxiety.

App Prototyping

It’s great to use tools differently, and with that in mind, inDesign suddenly became my favorite application. Way to go inDesign. It is so much more than just a layout app. I turned to digital publishing mode to create interactive PDFs. No, not quite an App, but great for making App Prototypes, and I suspected many of the physicians using it, wouldn’t quite get the difference (see Where’s the “any” key?). iPhone App

I quickly experimented based on the content dense multi-fold PocketGuide Tip Sheets which I had already designed and sent to print. Coolest part is that you can rely on the functionality and framework of already existing PDF reader apps. So if you open one of these with say the world renowned free Adobe Reader App you have access to all the bookmarks, and sub chapters. Plus you can easily enter a search phrase and be brought right to the function.
We used our internal social media to have our tech savvy doctors test the pdfs for different devices. The first prototype was received with great enthusiasm.

Not a single hiccup.

We revised and added some content to initial version, and then it was up to me to make the 20 plus different specialties we were going to cover.

The idea that an Emergency Dept physician would be accessing tips with his phone in one hand and healing a patient with the other makes me feel kind of alright. You can download the mockup pdf here. Best viewed, naturally, on your handheld smartphone…

pretty cool.

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