Roll Over for Color Correction Example

Okay just a quick post. All I really want to make sure I know how to do is a basic roll over effect. Should be simple enough, but like all things ‘simple’ in life, the more you learn the less you know—Or rather the more complex things turn out to be.
If you move your mouse over the image below, you’ll see what the raw, non-color graded version looks like.

image for hover test
image for hover test

Yeah like I say nothing easy, today I learned that:

  • WordPress bans javascript (or atleast my use of a simple onmouseover event)
  • automatically ads <BR> tags in both text and visual compose mode
  • …and last but not least searching for answers to wordpress questions is an art

I was able to get a solution here: OnMouseOver
The technique involves modifying your theme by creating two new CSS classes, hover and no hover with display values that change on hover. To get beyond the <BR>—and yes this is a bit dirty—you create an attribute for a br with a display of none, and then put your images inside a link.

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