Product Photography – Vintage Mustang

I was fortunate to photograph the Saratoga Auto Museum’s Mustang Collection. I used to own a 1968 Mustang myself, and loved capturing the light reflecting off of the vehicle’s chrome, painted steel, and glass. Mine didn’t look quite like Eleanor.


Notice how a subtle change in focus compared to the shot below, helps draw attention to a particular features, in one case the product photography highlights the Mustang’s characteristic “C-stripe”, this model’s spin-off wheels, and unique side ported exhaust.

The other shot denotes to a mustang aficionado, that Eleanor here is a Shelby GT 500, and the light captures her metal flake paint. An experiment with an orange filter sure it adds back warmth, stolen by a florescent environment, but in my opinion I prefer a colder look. Maybe I like my steel cold? Click on each for larger view.


For these shots I was using my favorite nifty-fifty (50mm lens), to get that nice depth of field and those little light bokehs.

Drakes Bay Sailing Winch good depth of field



Alright now who wants to go sailing?

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