Big Data, easily digested infographic

Turn Raw Big Data into smart infographics

Turn uber confusing excel spreadsheets of big data into easy to digest infographics

Have you noticed that there is a lot of big data out there these days?

The trick is to get a person, like say a nurse racing around a hospital floor, to be able to glance at a graphic and have some valuable take away.

The above piece is a what Sutter Health refers to as our Quality Scorecard. It is a combination of related government ratings, including Inpatient HCAHPS, Quality Measures and Patient experience. Typical of government regulations, nothing is simple, that goes for the scoring algorithms used here. Some values such as influenza immunization account for 1/20th of the overall score, whereas explaining which meds to take when and the associated complications with them, is only measured for 1/64th of the overall score, and if eight other measures are near a threshold, then a hospital’s funding may be impacted. Oy!

Rather than a nasty excel spreadsheet, my charts can be posted near watercoolers for ease of understanding said data, encouraging discussion, and most importantly acting upon the info. Here Ambulatory Surgery Satisfaction is the low hanging fruit. It is in the red, which is below average. It’s size is reflective of it’s overall impact on the hospital rating, here it accounts for 1/8th of the score. Compare that to Adult Pulmonary Lab which is grey, representing an “average” value, which is itself one of 14 measures that make up another 1/8th of the score known as Outpatient Satisfaction.

These charts are delivered electronically and printed out and displayed in common areas. There is a detailed explanation as well for those wishing to understand the finer details. It’s not exactly simple, but important and actionable information gets through to the audience.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft Excel

Update: Now available in MS Word

It’s pretty well known that when you want something good looking, graphic artists rarely use Microsoft Office products. But often times our client’s want to be able to make infographics or update dashboards without having to learn software such as inDesign or data visualization software such as Tableau.

The client had originally asked for a dashboard to display info about particular clinic. They had seen my work on the Quality Scorecard and liked it, but wanted it to be more of a newsletter. First I thought that’s great. Until I found out it was to be used for dozens of different clinics. Always a big fan of making a template for repetitive work, I designed the following with MS word in mind. Meaning knowing it’s limitations. The following screen shot is of a template that can be easily modified by anyone with MS Word, prints well on a standard page, and doesn’t look like it was made in a word processor.


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