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This PIP is based on Theme Nectar Demo – Salient Agency / Dark Water
Notice that the accent color merely changes the icon. Change Global Color scheme here. Also some where around there you can switch the default button roundness.

Blog Pages


Text With Icon Element (H4)

The row is set to 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3. The row settings are “full width background” with PADDING set to 120 top and 80 bottom. The demos show this h4 in Montserrat 700 at 18PX ALL CAPS and I rather like that. I also like the purple Accent Color reminds me of EWT.

1234 6789 2234 2789 3234 3789 4234

1234 6789 2234 2789 3234 3789 4234 4789 5234 5789
At 4-columns 1/3 setting in column, 44 characters wide is the max width, ideally 29 to keep headers from breaking, but should closely match. And 59 characters for this 1/3rd text with Icon Element Block.

Animated Imagery

Below the “Simple Image” Elements, 2 rows, first is 1/2 + 1/2 which stack below 1000px width. (So images should be at least 1000px if they are side by side. Animation settings inside Element. 150 delay on 2nd and 3rd (since grey on grey is slight).

Portfolio Gallery

Salient Ascend Fullwidth-Masonry – I like the sortable function, but don’t like the meta data reveal. Prefer the Blog Gallery style.

Portfolio Item Page (PIP)

Salient Slider Portfolio: Virtual Reality I like the multiple images. You hire a designer to design. So show off the finished work. The dark water (aka this page) also works well for this.

I need to look at some image galleries, embed those on a PIP.

A lot of the demo portfolio pieces are aimed at project driven pieces. Great if you want to be a project manager.

Mobile Weather App – Not sure why, but I like this one. Is it just the header?

Blog Posts seem to be very cut and dry.

Pages should have some creativity. Aside from the Header, not many changes. Sadly the header does look really good on Posts.

Free Updates & Support

Testing how the heck text works on this element. I type enter a return.

And then start writing but what happens? The previous section I went into text mode wrapped my paragraphs in p tags, saved, updated, and when I opened it, they were wiped out. WTF?

In the backend editor, without doing the p tags, it looks like one long paragraph.

Header 1 Text Block 2234 2789

Heading 4 Text here. Note the animated div line is 50 height, 4px thick and set to animated 350 delay. Needs to be thick to make a visible difference in this page as everything is animated. I like it 1px. And a ridiculous CSS Animation for fun. All simple Images below.

Lets Talk Fonts. Headers: I like Playfair Display as used in the demo for Page Header and body H1. 400 100px/100px #444444

regular body text is “Open Sans” 400 15px/28px #676767. Hmm all this content is centered even though the style property: text align is set here in the text block and should only apply to the h4, but if not overruled . Weirdness. Also this row is set as a 1/6 + 2/3 + 1/6. Which strikes me as an odd way to do it.
Is this left justified? I should hope so.

Projects Completed
Pixels Pushed
Cups Of Coffee
Features Added
PS Layers
GB File Size

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