Medical Ethics Annual Report

Engage Multiple Audiences with different messages about a perceived sleepy topic, and get great results. From one piece.

Success would be a piece that:

  • Informs patient families of a unique service available to them.
  • Convinces medical staff that they will learn something.
  • Encourage donations from philanthropists.

That first of which is why I developed the horizontal layout. Follow me now: Take a moment to think back to a time when you were a concerned family member. Perhaps a they were facing a surgery or being diagnosed with a serious condition.
Any ounce of calming would be very welcomed.
Back in art class, an instructor had mentioned that vertical imagery inspires action—which is why posters are typically vertical. Horizontal pieces, on the other hand, are associated with relaxing landscapes.
For us, a bonus effect of having horizontal layout is that it is atypical of most mar-com pieces at Sutter Health which tend to be 8.5 x 11. The client wanted this to stand out, so it’s a win-win solution, I like that.
View the original and entire Annual Reporthere.

Medical Annual Report Cover

Timeline Layout Booklet

The timeline spread was one of the defining designs of the piece. I knew I wanted each year of the timeline to have its own column, and this set the 5 x 6 grid that would tie the piece together.

Beautifully designed Medical Annual Report Timeline Grid

infographics design spread

Saying more with less

Another key change to this piece from previous was a substantial reduction in text. The previous booklet had extremely dense material. My key concern is always to appeal to the audience, reading it, which I hope is what event this post is doing. For this particular report though we had:

  • those that would skim the piece, and decide this is a program worth supporting or,
  • doctors that might think, “hmmm maybe I dont know everything after all. What is this thing called compassion?”
  • patients, and their families who could see they are not alone.

For the skimming, I used infographics to stand out from pages crammed with text. To tug at the heartstrings I created a very true to life story that illustrates the not so cut and dry realities that would relate to patients and families.Design Booklet Case Study Example

The piece was a hit not only with the department head of Medicine and Human Values, but the VP of marketing said it was, “one of the slickest solutions to a project we’ve ever designed.”

View the intial development here.

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