Medical Ethics Annual Report

I know what you’re thinking… Medical Ethics AND Annual Report. Yippie. Score!

No? Okay. It perhaps may not sound like the most exciting piece of literature you’ve beheld. But that my friend, is where the challenge of this piece makes it shine.

After a quick meeting with the key players for this piece, we decide this will not be your typical annual report. It will instead appeal to three main audiences. With three goals, as lofty as they are different:

  • Provide help to Patient Families in a time of sorrow.
  • Inform Sutter’s physicians of the education available — AND their need for it!
  • Encourage donations from philanthropists.

That first of which is what I personally think to be the most important. And thus, it sets the design choice of a horizontal printed layout. Stay with me now, it’s about to get emo. Deep breath. Take a moment to think back to a time when you were truly concerned about a family member, a friend, someone close to you. Perhaps someone you loved was facing surgery, or had been diagnosed with a serious condition, or as is almost the worst case, a whole sense of just not knowing.

Any ounce of calming would be very welcomed. What you need is a friend.

And in an ideal world, not just any friend, but someone who knows what you’re going thru and can help. That, when boiled down, is essentially what the Program in Medicine and Human Values (MHV) creates, (albeit with a name that only the medical industrial complex can love). MHV provides consultations, and at the same time it trains physicians to be able to have conversations that are less clinical, and more healing.

Now imagine having just received the diagnosis, sitting in a waiting room or getting into your car, your world more than a bit turned upside down. You want to cry, you want to scream. So you do. But you also look through the document the nurse or physician handed you. You open the oddly long horizontal piece, turn the page. Not really reading it so much as skimming, mind racing. But after a few pages, you begin to feel a little relaxed. Large-scale landscape artwork has a way of doing that. Slowing you down. Here, each page turn is deliberately slow. To take in the piece the reader’s head moves from far left to far right, not just a quick eye movement. Eventually, the reader pauses on a photo, ponders a graphic, or reads a nurses quote and realizes that they are not alone. Right here in your hands you can see, Sutter is more than just having professionals that can help you, we have a whole division that trains and teaches our entire staff how to comfort and help you deal with this situation. And this is not our first whirlwind rodeo.

Okay, whew a little melodrama there. I apologize, had to set the stage, a user experience if you will. For one of the key players, a bonus effect of having horizontal layout is that it is atypical of most Sutter mar-com pieces which tend to be boring monotonous 8.5 x 11. The client wanted their department to stand out, so it’s a win-win solution, I like that.

View the original and entire Annual Report here.

Medical Annual Report Cover

Timeline Layout Booklet

The timeline spread was one of the defining designs of the piece. I knew I wanted each year of the timeline to have its own column, and this set the 5 x 6 grid that would tie the piece together.

Beautifully designed Medical Annual Report Timeline Grid

infographics design spread

Saying more with less

My key concern is as always to appeal to the audience, reading it. For this

For the skimming, I used infographics to stand out from pages crammed with text. To tug at the heartstrings I created a very true to life story that illustrates the not so cut and dry realities that would relate to patients and families.Design Booklet Case Study Example

The piece was a hit not only with the department head of Medicine and Human Values, but the VP of marketing said it was, “one of the slickest solutions to a project we’ve ever designed.”

View the intial development here.

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