San Francisco Point After 2013

For me, locally produced sports specials are really a refreshing break from the daily grind. I mean who doesn’t notice the excitement in the air when football season approaches? KTVU has been producing Point After for decades, enjoying access to the legendary sports players of the SF 49ers. I’ve met and chatted with John Madden. Now, I’m not saying we’re close mates, but he is actually bigger in person. Anyway, Point After has evolved to the fast paced show to keep its high energy audience engaged. For 2013 my artists pitched redesigned graphics packages for this major production.

I couldn’t let them have all the fun. We critiqued each others work before bringing in the News Director and Producers. Critiquing each other’s art is something I missed from Art School, so I was happy to bring that back into the department. Mine was selected for the redesign, nice to know the Art Director can still create a catching design. When you get people talking about their own techniques and intentions, it really inspires everyone to step it up a notch.

I created this look by taking a 3-d football, re-skinning it with this glass like crystal in Maxon’s Cinema 4D. As is so often the case, once you start manipulating images, a happy accident can provide motivation. Here, the internal stitching became exposed and I. Loved. It. With some camera focal adjustments inside of C4D, and some fiddling with a metallic texture, a rib cage came to life. I envisioned this as an element we could weld together to use on the set, which would provide variety from our News set. (In reality I just wanted to practice my welding. sigh.) Unfortunately the new football season approached while we were still finishing the tweaks to the newscast redesign. Not enough time to get both done. Still I really like the look.



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