Sutter Health EHR: Print Design

So I’m calling this my non-digital work. Print design work, oh yeah and Interview Skills.

Printed Signage and Handouts

Okay so when you launch a huge new computer system, getting staff who have doing things by hand for some 30 years, well there’s going to be some flux. With military like precision, this system was rolled out over a weekend, and geared up with extra support people. To the patient walking in, it was pretty obvious something was up. To assuage fears, we had some materials at the ready; the 6ft. tall self-standing, retractable banner written in four languages that meets you in the waiting room, to the EHR Brochure for you to read while waiting for your medications. Trifolds, vinyl, posters and meal tray bookmarks provided enough variety for my printers to handle. luckily I know some people that speak Russian After laying things out I had to make sure the text was still legible. No problem on the Spanish, but Sutter Health serves a large number of Chinese, and Russian. I tapped one of my old friends for verification on the Russian, but we hired a professional on the Chinese. the_stockpileIt was quite the stockpile, and I was also incharge of organizing the distribution across 4 different campuses, and several departments in each. You know how crazy it is to find parking in this town? Good thing I like a good spreadsheet.

Zone Defense

Okay so you’ve got the customers (in this case patients) covered. Staff had been going to play on the off line systems, and knew some tips and shortcuts, but there’s always going to be some type of fallout. My friend Kathie was in charge of handling management and systems. In order to keep things humming she had me with a little print design magic, illustrate the flow of information. Say command makes a change, how does everyone find out? If an flaw is discovered, how is it reported? (Because the last thing you want is a flooded inbox of the same issue which might crowd out a lesser encountered, yet more critical issue.) TipSheets_Updates_SafetyAlerts Print Design

Now to the sidelines…

On the Monday after the launch, things were falling into place. The Zone managers had been meeting with their team and problems were being eliminated. Management wanted someone to go capture the feeling of the troops in the trenches. Maybe some one had heard of my past News experience, and I was tapped to go interview the nurses. Awesome.

This is the kind of thing I really relish. When I worked at KTVU, I enjoyed doing projects with the directors, the writers, and yes even the editors. You’d invariably come up with some really good insights, and solutions that you might not grasp if you dont see the workflow.

And I don’t know what it is about me, but people really want to share. The enthusiasm carried over into photo ops. It was a blast, I’d get someone rattling off a list of gripes they’d like to see improved and then I ask to take a photo for the newsletter. A photo of me, next to those things I just said? Well okay darlin’, how do I look in this light? Take a few, send them my way. Don’t mind that alarming beep noise, I’m sure it can wait… Like I say fun times.
Group1 (ps for the record that beeping alarm, never happened. I’m just setting the mood here.)

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