A desperate campaign.

Get My Girlfriend out of the Country

Hey I am trying to drum up business so that I can send the sweetest girlfriend a guy ever had to Greece. I offered to pay for her ticket, but she refused, I did mention sweetest girl right? So instead I decided to launch this campaign and have ericgrossdesign pay for her. (This apparently is an allowed loophole, you can just smell the IRS audit am I right?)
She has always wanted to go. But the airlines aren’t exactly giving away free flights you know?

So, I’m hoping you’ve got a business that needs:

Heck if you need a guy to weld or do some basic carpentry, and it can help get my girl to Greece, that would be fantastic.
She’ll hand write you a postcard from Athens! Where else can you get that offer? Answer. No where.

For samples of my work, check out:

Thank you thank you thank you.
If you just want to make a donation, that’s cool too.

If you want a postcard, make sure to include your address.

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