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Marketing to Millenials

By Eric Gross · Jan 12, 2017

To attract millenials into a healthier way of life, CPMC Sutter Health launched a quick study to understand the generation.

What they found will shock you. Okay yeah, probably not, but it's still interesting.

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2 Minute Templates

By Eric Gross · Jan 12, 2019

Crushing it with content is what drives a significant amount of business these days. From my early days in daily news production, I found the more I enabled others to get their jobs done, the higher our ratings. It also made for better designers.

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Folding is fun

By Eric Gross · Nov 2, 2016

Spreadsheets, python, and lately cutting, gluing and folding paper... if nerding out was a bloodsport, I'd be Steven Segal. Oh yeah this house is rockin.

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